We are a collective of industry experts across photography, skincare, beauty, hair & make-up, personal styling, executive coaching, digital marketing, and online personal branding through LinkedIn, and we all have one thing in common.

We want you to strive and thrive in your personal and professional life.

In need of an executive reboot, inside and out, to create a new and more powerful you?

Powerhouse is your perfect place.

Powerhouse Collective


Sherna Malone, skincare expert
Sharon Huggard, personal stylist & coach
Lisa Hasani, hair & make-up artist
Anna Healy, executive and career coach
Louise Bunyan, LinkedIn specialist & digital marketing
Anna Groniecka, professional photographer


Professional photoshoot, styling, hair & make-up, expert skincare advice

Need new professional headshots for PR, media coverage, conference talks, or your LinkedIn profile? 

No idea what to wear for your photoshoot? 

Do you want radiant skin, but you have no idea where to start? 

Our professional photographer, Anna Groniecka, hair & make-up artist Lisa Hasani, personal stylist & coach Sharon Huggard, and skincare expert Sherna Malone have combined their expertise to put you at ease for your photoshoot. 

Executive coaching 

But what about your career, professional and personal goals? 

Like most of us, do you struggle with setting and delivering on goals? 

Are you trying to make sense of where you want to be in life and how to navigate that path? 

Why not consider booking a session with Anna Healy, Executive Coach who specializes in career, life, and business coaching with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

Online personal branding & LinkedIn training 

Are you scared of LinkedIn? 

Don’t know the first place to start with crafting your personal brand on LinkedIn? 

Keen to make serious strides in your career or business but your lack of LinkedIn confidence is holding you back? 

Avail of bespoke, one-to-one online training from Louise Bunyan, SmartFox.ie, our LinkedIn, online personal branding, and digital marketing expert. 


  • A collective of trusted and self-employed industry experts in their chosen field 
  • Each consultant will arrange a private consultation in advance to listen to your needs and requirements
  • Our packages have been designed for the busy professional and business owners 
  • You complete one contact form, no need to do endless searches on Google
  • Our goal is to empower you, both inside and out


Give yourself some ‘me-time’, take a break from it all and come to Clonakilty, West Cork for your professional photoshoot 

Skincare by Sherna delivered in person in Clonakilty, West Cork 

Styling consultation – personal shopping in Cork and wardrobe edit Cork City & County with virtual consultations also available.

Coaching delivered in Clonakilty, Cork City, or one-to-one online

Online one-to-one LinkedIn training from the comfort of your own home 


Choose your package and contact us.

Or if you would prefer to contact individual consultants on a one-to-one basis, all of our contact details are below. 

Looking forward to meeting you. 

Anna Healy, Anna Groniecka, Louise Bunyan, Sharon Huggard,
Sherna Malone, Shkurta Lisa Hasani